Friday 06 October 2006
More songs from the new album as streams can be endured in here:
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Wednesday 27 September 2006
NEW ALBUM "DESCENSION" out now in Finland
It is time for humanity to fall into lowest depths as Twilight Ophera has joined forces with the Order of the Sanguine Diadem to create the threnody of man, “Descension”. The fourth madness is now released in Finland and rest of the world will soon follow (09.10.2006). The album features 10 twisted sermons like never been heard conquering the senses of mortal men.

New website is spawned to support the lunacy at Suck the corruption in form of free samples.

Ramblings of the madmen can be heard in Metalliliitto 5.10.
submitted by webmaster, Wednesday 27 September 2006 - 14:55:10 site is online...well, it's not completely ready
It took almost two weeks to get new site online and get almost all gonfigurations done..but here we go :) a brand new site ... Enjoy!

submitting more news tomorrow..

I have added 32 new reviews today, unfortunately almost all are in german
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Friday 25 August 2006
The whole title of new album is:
Twilight Ophera and the Order of the Sanguine Diadem presents: "Descension"
full tracklist is available in releases-section.

Few reviews has been made already (unfortunately those are only in german language) , we will add them to the site site asap.

Samples will be added in this weekend..
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Wednesday 08 March 2006
RAUTAKANKI 2 Compilation CD is out
[Low Frequency Records] released another RAUTAKANKI compilation CD with [Radio City], full tracklist is in [here] Collection includes new song "SYN" from new album.

Jälleen laatumetallia [Low Frequency Records]:ilta ja [Radio City]:ltä. 32:lta bändiltä tiukkaa settiä.
Twilight Ophera esittelee uuden levyn satoa kappaleella SYN. Nyt kipin kapin kauppaan hakemaan oma kopio tai osallistumaan kilpailuun radio cityn sivuilla. tracklistaus [täällä]
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Saturday 04 March 2006
As you may have noticed that there haven't been any news on this site lately ..well it doesn't mean that we have just been sitting on our asses.

Twilight Ophera is proud to announce that the new album has been recorded and mixed. Album has been recorded in [D-Studio] between December'05 and February'06, and will be mastered in [chartmakers] studio in Helsinki soon. The album will also feature guest musicians from bands Diablerie,Rapture,Denigrate and Tacere.
Tracklist and album name will be announced soon, but here is few examples..
-Hollow Movements Of Flesh
-Suicide Harlequin
-Mirage Of Moira

There have been some changes in international distribution, [Plastic Head] will distribute new album. We don't have list of countries from where you can check availibility yet.

Also there will be new "Rautakanki" Metal compilation DVD out soon through [Low Frequency Records] where you can see video Pseudogods(at least finnish buyers).

There has also happened some line-up changes in the band as former guitarist Mikko Kaipainen decided to move on to concentrate his own projects.
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Friday 18 March 2005
- [Low Frequency Records] ja [Radio City] julkaisevat 24.3.2005 "Rautakanki" kahden cd:n kokoelmalevyn jossa on Twilight Opheran "Trapped in a Husk of a White Crow" lisäksi 36 muuta artistia ja 152 minuuttia rankkaa metallia...Lisää informaatiota löytyy [radiocityn] nettisivuilta, mistä on myös mahdollisuus voittaa kyseinen metalli-eepos. Bändit ja tracklist löytyvät myös [täältä]

"Rautakanki" Metal compilation cd out on 24.03.05 through [Low Frequency Records] Double cd package includes 152 minutes of quality metal. Collection includes Twilight Ophera's Trapped in a Husk of a White Crow. Check out the complete tracklist [here]
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Friday 26 November 2004
Soulgrind releasing new album
Lord Heikkinen´s & Tony Näykkis other band, Soulgrind, is about to release a new album 'The Origins Of The Paganblood' through French Holy Records on January 2005.
10 songs of ultimate symphonic dark metal. Soulgrind shall play live on Sirkkelirock, Tavastia 7th of January 2005. Headliners are Carpatian Forest ( NOR ).
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Tuesday 24 August 2004
Twilight Ophera @ MTV3 Chat
Twilight Ophera @ MTV3 Chat on Thursday-Friday (09.09.2004) night 2.10 - 4.10 am
Suomalaisille katselijoille luvassa kilpailua jossa jaossa parit kappaleet tuoretta teohaa
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Tuesday 13 July 2004
The End of Halcyon Age has hit the shops in US and Europe
The End of Halcyon Age has hit the shops in US and Europe. Reviews have started to flow around also.

The End of Halcyon Age is also on SnakeNet Metal Radio's Playlist, you can request all the song @ []
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