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Friday 06 October 2006 MYSPACE SITE OPEN
Wednesday 10 January 2007 Review by []
Thursday 09 November 2006 Inferno / Toni Peltola

"Rock Hard 8 out of 10"
"Metal Hammer 6 out of 7"
"Aberration Webmag 5 out of 5"
"Music-Scan 8 out of 10"

Wednesday 27 September 2006
NEW ALBUM "DESCENSION" out now in Finland
It is time for humanity to fall into lowest depths as Twilight Ophera has joined forces with the Order of the Sanguine Diadem to create the threnody of man, Descension. The fourth madness is now released in Finland and rest of the world will soon follow (09.10.2006). The album features 10 twisted sermons like never been heard conquering the senses of mortal men.

New website is spawned to support the lunacy at Suck the corruption in form of free samples.

Ramblings of the madmen can be heard in Metalliliitto 5.10.

New Bandphotos on Gallery.